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Take a stand to make a stand

We know how hard this year has been for event organisers and the supply chain that helps them create their wonderful experiences.

We are absolutely committed to providing you with a trading environment before the 2021 live event season begins. And so instead of pushing the event further into the year we're going ahead in March.

Renowned for being the event of choice for buyers to procure new event suppliers, EPS offers the perfect opportunity to get in front of decision makers and ensure that your company, products and services are central to where the industry meets.

Take a stand to make a stand

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Opportunities at the show 

Exposure and Lead generation

The Association of Event Organisers have carried out extensive research and it tells us people are 89% more likely to choose a brand that they have met in person.

And our lead generation scanners are the perfect way for you to capture the data of those you meet and turn it into new business. 

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New business

Visitors attend EPS to discover inspiration and 70% of EPS visitors stated that their primary reason for attending was to see new products and innovations. 

NOTHING will capture the attention of a new customer as much as seeing you at the show will and your customers will be at their most receptive.

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Client retention

The best way to stay in touch with your clients is to create environments where they are immersed in your brand.

Your stand should be an extension of your brand, it creates a shop floor environment for them to see and test your products. Don't let your competitors get the edge.

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Marquee and placement options at the show

Shell scheme stand

Our new outdoor venue means your traditional shell stand will be a stretch marquee

Space only 

Book space only where you can build your own structures and demonstration areas

COVID support 

We know how hard the year has been, the team will work with you to find the right package and payment terms 

Choose your location

Our team understand the footfall and hotspots of the event for different people and work with you to place you where you need to be

Meet your target audience

Seniority and number of events run

Seniority and number of events run

Job function

Job function

Meet more people in two days than you can in a year of meetings 


Meet and do business with 6,600 visitors

Captive audience

72% of visitors intent to place an order with a new supplier

Decision makers

89% of visitors are management level or above


97% of visitors have not attended another event in the last two years