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Rupert Bassadone

Rupert Bassadone

CEO, Event Site Design Ltd

Whilst I’ve been a part of the Events Industry my whole life, my professional career started in 2006 with safety and site/production management roles at foodie events, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, outdoor shows and so on. Much of my experience is in the UK, with several years honing my international safety skills in the UAE.

One of the early supporters of my career is WOMAD Festival, where today I play my part as Head Of Operations for the UK festival and have been blessed with project managing WOMAD’s in UAE, Russia and Spain to name a few over the last 17 years.

Now I’m fortunate enough to employe brilliant teams through two companies; Ops People and Event Site Design. I also have an online course teaching event professionals how to design site plans on CAD software.

I’m still making lots of mistakes, learning as I go and definitely making it up as I go along.

Here's three facts about me I've tried to make interesting:

1) I REALLY like order. Not life crippling OCD, but enough to create an argument with the family because they haven't put the cutlery away properly, with knives facing the same way and forks stacked. Come on team, this is simple stuff.

2) I was born into the events industry, with my parents running a circus until I was 7, we toured the circuit of festivals and fields. I can juggle and probably still unicycle enough to get myself in trouble.

3) I have a tech and app habit. Who am I kidding, it's an addiction. I'm not seeking help.



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