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Nicci Kendall

Nicci Kendall

Account Director, Chorus

Nicci is a seasoned professional in both the drinks industry and the wider world of events. Known and respected through a rich history of delivering exceptional experiences with outstanding results, Nicci is recognised for her trademark style, encompassing dedication, industry understanding, and delivery across the most ambitious of productions.

With a career spanning two decades and three continents, her passion for hospitality, advocacy, and the artistry of the spirits industry has been the compass guiding her journey.

Throughout various roles in operations, customer marketing, and trade advocacy, Nicci has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry's nuances.

In her current position at Chorus, Nicci channels her extensive expertise into shaping brand strategy, with a focus on creating impactful and meaningful experiences that deliver growth objectives. With a unique blend of global experience and an unwavering passion, Nicci continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of brand activation through the lens of premium spirits.



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