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James Crute

James Crute

Freelance Event Professional / Production Manager, Xtraction

James Crute, an experienced and dynamic freelancer serving as a Site Manager, Production Manager, and Technical Delivery & Broadcast specialist, boasts a strong background in global live events spanning the last decade. His expertise lies in planning and delivering a diverse range of events, including festivals, live music tours, large-scale productions, and sporting events. Throughout his career, James has significantly contributed to the success of numerous high-profile events, leaving an indelible mark on the global entertainment landscape.

Over the past decade, James has honed his skills in creating unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide. His portfolio includes a wide array of events, from coordinating massive music festivals to overseeing the logistics of high-energy sports extravaganzas.

In his recent endeavours, James has played pivotal roles in events such as Middle Beast KSA, F1 Middle East, Dakar Rally, British Basketball League, Boxxer Promotions, South Facing Festival, Battersea Park Fireworks Night, Slamdunk Festival South, Operations London Bridge, and Kings Coronation Celebrations. These experiences reflect James Crute's commitment to delivering excellence in the execution of diverse and high-profile events.



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