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Elly Walsh

Elly Walsh

Director, i am Recruitment

‘I am’ signifies confidence and the essence of who I am in the world of events. As an Event Professional turned recruitment specialist, I've organically embraced this mantra. Having lived and thrived in the events realm, I've translated that passion into 'I am Recruitment.'

With a heritage rooted in the events industry, my agency focuses solely on events recruitment—from experiential to corporate and charity spheres. It's not just about finding the right fit; it's about genuine connections and tailored expertise.

For me, 'I am' means having impactful conversations that lead to perfect matches. I'm a relationship enthusiast—a listener, advisor, and recruiter rolled into one. My mission? To ensure a seamless fit, offering high-quality service without hidden agendas. Your career doesn't solely define you, but in events, it's hard not to live and breathe your job. That's where I step in, dedicated to ensuring a perfect all-round fit for both clients and candidates.



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