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Craig Mathie

Craig Mathie

Managing Partner, Project 30

Ever since I was placed in charge of my first school fundraising event as an eager teenager, planning and delivering show stopping projects has been in my blood. There is something truly awe inspiring about watching or experiencing a well-orchestrated live event but for me, there is no greater sense than being responsible for that feeling in others 🙏

Professionally, I am extremely fortunate to head up a talented and dynamic young team of professionals in delivering Bournemouth 7s Festival, the UK's favourite and multi-award-winning sport and music festival which welcomes 30,000 people each year.

Alongside my full-time role job, I hold a number of other positions bringing together and representing #eventsprofs; striving to drive professional standards and recognition across areas of the UK's most exciting industry.

I am an innovative and dedicated event professional with a talent for organisation, an eye for detail and an empathetic but efficient approach to dealing with people. As a Prince 2 qualified and experienced project manager, I thrive in delivering projects from concept to completion. Over the years, I have established a proven track record in delivering tangible results across an array of areas including:

• Project Management
• Commercial & Client Account Management
• Budget Management & Financial Reporting
• Logistical Planning & Delivery
• Hospitality & Licensing
• Public Safety and Contingency Planning



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