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RedteQ Xray hire

Stand: D01E
  • Crowd management / Security
RedteQ Xray hire

RedteQ: Leading Security Checkpoint Solutions for Festivals, Stadiums, and Public Gatherings


About Us

RedteQ is a leading supplier of advanced checkpoint security system hires, offering a vast array of X-rays, metal detectors, and explosive/narcotics trace detectors suitable for small to large-scale gatherings. With the largest fleet of sophisticated X-ray units nationwide, we’re dedicated to enhancing venue safety, ensuring every attendee enjoys a secure, memorable experience.

Our Expertise

    •    Custom Security Solutions: We provide a selection of highly advanced security screening equipment designed to meet rigorous safety standards while catering to the distinct needs of each event.
    •    Engineer-Led Installations: Our installations, managed by skilled engineers, ensure that our technology not only meets but exceeds expectations, integrating flawlessly with your security strategies.

Our Services

    •    Collaborative Planning: We initiate our engagement with a detailed site consultation, working hand in hand with your security personnel. This approach ensures we recommend the most effective technology, creating a security setup that’s perfectly aligned with your requirements.
    •    Comprehensive Support Package: Beyond delivery and expert installation, RedteQ delivers round-the-clock onsite support for major events, ensuring rapid resolution to any technical concerns. This robust support system provides added reassurance, though our technology is known for its reliability and seldom encounters issues.
    •    Efficient, Unobtrusive Screening: Our security systems are engineered for speed and discretion, facilitating swift attendee entry without compromising stringent security protocols.

Why Choose RedteQ?

Selecting RedteQ as your security partner means prioritising peace of mind. Our collaborative planning with your team and the deployment of cutting-edge security measures ensure your gathering is fortified effectively. RedteQ’s blend of advanced technology and dedicated support ensures safety is maintained without impeding the enjoyment of the occasion.

Guaranteeing Security at Your Event

RedteQ acknowledges the pivotal role of security in the success of your event. By partnering with your team and utilizing our state-of-the-art systems, we promise unmatched protection, allowing organisers and attendees to focus on the event’s highlights.

Get in Touch

Reach out for a customised consultation and discover how RedteQ can elevate security at your next event. Let’s work together to ensure a safe, unforgettable experience for everyone involved.



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  • Fortify event security with our explosive and narcotics trace detector hire. Precision detection for enhanced safety.
  • Enhance security with our advanced walk-through metal detectors. Precise detection, easy setup, and professional assistance. Perfect for events. Contact us for rentals.
  • Elevate security with our advanced x-ray machines. Clear imaging, intuitive operation, and expert support.
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