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Singpods: Live! Stage Edition

SingPods Stand: J51E
  • Singpods: Live! Stage Edition
  • Singpods: Live! Stage Edition
  • Singpods: Live! Stage Edition
Singpods: Live! Stage Edition Singpods: Live! Stage Edition Singpods: Live! Stage Edition

SingPods: Elevating Live Karaoke to Spectacular Heights

Welcome to the next level of live entertainment with SingPods – where we transform the traditional karaoke experience into a grand, interactive spectacle. Our expertise in orchestrating professional live on-stage karaoke events integrates cutting-edge technology, ensuring every participant feels like a star.

The Ultimate On-Stage Karaoke Experience Imagine stepping onto a stage, the crowd cheering, and you're the star of the show. SingPods makes this dream a reality with our professional live karaoke setup. Perfect for festivals, corporate events, or any large gathering, our system brings the excitement and thrill of a live performance to every participant.

Seamless Integration with Full Production Our karaoke experience is no ordinary one. It includes:

  • Large Screens for Lyrics: Everyone can follow along as lyrics are displayed on large screens, making it easy for both the singers and the audience to immerse in the performance.
  • Mass Participation: Our system allows hundreds of users to join in the fun. Guests can request songs directly from their phones, making the experience interactive and inclusive.
  • Virtual Photo Booths: To capture the memories, our virtual photo booths allow attendees to take pictures and share their experiences online, amplifying the reach of your event.

Why SingPods for Your Live Karaoke Event?

  • Expertise in Live Events: With a history of successful live karaoke events, we have the know-how to make your event a hit.
  • Technology-Driven: Leveraging the latest in event technology, we ensure a smooth and engaging experience for all.
  • Customization: Every aspect of our service can be tailored to fit the theme and style of your event.
  • Interactive and Engaging: We create an environment where every guest feels part of the show, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


Transform Your Next Event Let SingPods take your event to the next level with our professional live on-stage karaoke. Connect with us to discover how we can bring this dynamic and interactive entertainment to your next big event!



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