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11 Jan 2024

Pitagone F18

Hardstaff Barriers Stand: F76E
  • Pitagone F18
  • Pitagone F18
  • Pitagone F18
Pitagone F18 Pitagone F18 Pitagone F18

The Pitagone F18 offers a straightforward solution for hostile vehicle mitigation. This barrier is designed to stop unauthorized vehicles, providing safety in areas where vehicle attacks might be a concern.

Its design allows for fast deployment, which is key in emergencies or for temporary security setups. The Pitagone F18 is also portable, making it easy to move and install wherever needed. The flexibility of the system means it can be adapted to different spaces and security needs. Made from strong materials, it can withstand significant impacts, effectively stopping vehicles.

This barrier is particularly useful in urban settings to protect crowded areas, and it's also suitable for event security, ensuring safe perimeters at public gatherings like concerts or festivals. In emergency scenarios, it can be quickly set up to create safe zones or to enhance security temporarily.

The Pitagone F18 is a practical choice for mitigating vehicle threats, providing reliable protection in various environments.

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