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Event Production Show 2024


#Eventprofs of the future: Where do we start?

28 Feb 2024
The Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub

Ready to dive into the exciting world of events? Join us at the Event Production Show to hear from industry pros including Craig Mathie, Josh Heyburn, Clare Goodchild, Shonali Devereaux, and Sophie Beasor.
Discover how these experts carved their paths into the industry, faced challenges head-on, and championed diversity and inclusion along the way.
Expect some juicy stories, top-notch advice, and practical tips on everything from scoring internships to mastering the art of networking. It's all about kickstarting your event career with confidence!
We're paving the way for the next generation of event professionals. Get inspired and empowered to make waves in the industry. Mentorship, advocacy, and fresh ideas - we're bringing it all to the table.
So, grab a seat and join the conversation! See you there!

Clare Goodchild, Director - ORGANISE CHAOS LIMITED
Craig Mathie, Managing Partner - Project 30
Josh Heyburn, Managing Director - Festivall Services Limited
Shonali Devereaux, Senior Lecturer, Tourism, Hospitality and Events - University of Hertfordshire
Sophie Beasor, Engagement Manager - The Power Of Events


Have a look at EPSx360 - the 2024 3d floorplan!