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Event Production Show 2024


Nurturing Creative Eco Systems through Cross Sector Collaboration

29 Feb 2024
The Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub

Art and cultural experiences can transform lives and communities, encouraging a better understand of each other, our space in the world and our innate connection to place. They are a gateway to nurturing dynamic eco systems – delivering sustained social, cultural, economic, and reputational benefits. Realising the potential of cultural regeneration is not a solo act but a joint mission, made possible by unlocking the power of collective thinking and cross sector collaboration.

  • Why bother?
  • Unlocking the Potential of cross sector collaboration to build cultural capacity
  • Explore successful cultural programmes made possible through collaboration
  • Cross Sector Toolkit – The Essentials
Jenny Howard-Coombes, Head of Partnerships - Edinburgh International Festival


Have a look at EPSx360 - the 2024 3d floorplan!