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Event Production Show 2024


Improving Mobile Connectivity - Boldyn Networks

28 Feb 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage

It is well documented the issues festivals and other large outdoor events face when it comes to connectivity. Currently the mobile network operators deploy temporary masts at these events to try tackling the issue with little success and much disruption. These solutions are extremely expensive, bad for the environment and do not deliver the desired performance visitor’s demand. Something needs to change.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Osborne, will explain why Boldyn Networks are the right strategic partner to address your connectivity challenges ensuring an enhanced experience for your visitors.

We will also explain Boldyn’s neutral-host approach and why we think this is the optimal solution for UK festival locations. This model has already been successfully adopted in the US at festivals such as Coachella. We work directly with all UK mobile network operators, becoming your single point of contact taking full responsibility for them joining the network.

Lastly, we will touch on the environmental benefits of a neutral-host solution by significantly reducing power consumption and electricity costs, whist in parallel maximising new revenue opportunities.

Paul Osborne, Chief Commercial Officer - Boldyn Networks


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