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Event Production Show 2024


A Year in Tech: An Introduction to 2024

28 Feb 2024
The Future Stage
The Future Stage

Taking forward some of the themes first explored at the National Outdoor Event Association Annual Convention, event technologist Andrew Lansley will talk about the technology we’ll see emerging over the next 12 months.
From AI to the Metaverse, new breakthroughs in sound design to visual walk throughs being developed. The future is already here, 2024 will see it distributed wider across the industry.

Alistair Turner, Commercial Counsel - National Outdoor Event Association
Andrew Lansley, Innovation Manager for Cheltenham Festivals, Senior Academic at the University of Gloucestershire, and coordinator for the Cheltenham Culture Board - University of Gloucestershire


Have a look at EPSx360 - the 2024 3d floorplan!