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eifAlexandra is a Live Music Promoter at one of the UK's leading gig promoters, Metropolis Music, part of the conglomerate of live music giants, Live Nation Entertainment. 

The Event Production Show is delighted to announce our call for papers for the 2024 Main Stage Conference is now open!

In order that the event is a true collaboration and accurately reflects the needs and interests of the entire live events community, we are interested in hearing what you believe to be the most important areas to focus on.

The current topics being considered are:

  • Sustainability 
  • Safety and security
  • Supply chain 
  • Finding cost efficiencies 
  • Marketing 
  • Ticketing 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Recruitment and training 
  • Crowd management 
  • Licensing 
  • Creativity
  • Social Responsibility


submit your application HERE


We are also open to speaker suggestions. So if you would like to join a panel or know someone you feel would make a great contribution, let us know!




eifSteve Heap - General Secretary, AFO
Having spent over 50 years in the festival and events industry, Steve now sees his job as passing on as much info and experience as possible to the next generation of event managers. 

Steve is also Chair of EIF and is currently working on a review of the PURPLE GUIDE.


Jim Winship

Director of the Event Services Association, Director and Secretary of the Events Industry Forum, which publishes the Purple Guide.

Cat Kevern

Independent Events Professional & Chair - NOWIE

Cat has been heavily involved in the live events scene over the last eight years, working around the world at some of the most iconic events and venues. 


Graham MacVoy

Managing Director
Wake The Tiger

Wake the Tiger is the world's first Amazement Park®, a new fantastical interactive art experience. 

Judy Bec

Operations Director 

Since 2003, Judy has been actively employed in festival operational roles and event operations management with regular clients including Glastonbury Festival, Love Saves the Day, Shambala Festival, Bestival, WOMAD, and St Paul’s Carnival.

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