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Simon Beale

Simon Beale

Owner, Festival Gas

It all began in 1996 when I was driving past Phoenix Festival in Stratford-Upon-Avon and saw the demand for gas onsite and the dangers of traders transporting their own gas. I saw this as an exciting business opportunity, and this is when Festival Gas was born! The event industry has gone from strength to strength ever since.
We are now the market leaders in supplying LPG bottled gas at Festivals and Events across the UK and we have been in the industry for the last 26 years.
We specialise in gas delivery solutions and our main market within the industry is food traders.
We offer unmatched standards of customer service and customer support and have a 100% past safety record.
We are based onsite at large events where we set up a secure base and store our stock and equipment and offer a drop off service at smaller events.
We provide fully trained staff to the industry standard (ADR) qualification who have many years’ experience working at large outdoor events.
We have adapted our business over the years to grow with the event industry and have specially adapted vehicles and equipment for all situations that occur onsite.
Going forward we are looking at sustainability and hoping to introduce BioLPG within the next few years, which is a greener more eco gas. It’s renewable, sustainable and it’s made from a blend of waste, residues, and sustainably sourced materials. It is identical chemically to LPG and compatible with LPG products.
Festival Gas are here to provide all your event gas delivery solutions and take the stress away from the organisers.