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Pete Dalton

Pete Dalton

PAD Command Consultancy

Pete is an international Protective Security Consultant and former UK Specialist Police Commander; with most of his service dedicated to Specialist Operations. He has worked extensively within the Counter Terrorism Policing Network and within complex event management & incident command structures.
Pete has coordinated tactical planning & performed key command roles at events of national and international significance, including the Royal Wedding of Prince Henry of Wales and Miss Meghan Markle, visit of President Trump, International D-Day 75.
Pete was a Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator, providing advice and developing Protective Security plans to minimise, mitigate and manage threats towards significant events.
Pete is currently working with the National Centre for Spectator Sport Safety & Security (NCS4) and Interpol, developing and delivering the International Sports Safety & Security Training Programme and coordinating the ongoing Interpol Stadia Pandemic Project.
Pete provides training and lectures in Crowded Space Management and Protective Security Concepts of Operations. He is engaged with international clients to design, develop and deliver integrated planning for major international sporting events.