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Lewis Jamieson

Lewis Jamieson

Director of Communications, Music Declares Emergency

Lewis Jamieson is the Director of Communications for, and a co-founder of, Music Declares Emergency which launched in London in 2019 to put music at the heart of the response to the climate emergency.

Their declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency has amassed over 6000 signatures from music industry organisations, artists large and small, and a swathe of major and independent labels. With MDE sister groups now active across Europe and North and South America, Music Declares Emergency continues to grow in both size and influence and play an important role in music’s engagement with sustainability.

MDE has led several high-profile campaigns in the UK in conjunction with media organisations, music businesses, and globally recognised artists which have served to position UK music as a leading voice in the climate debate and contributed to the transformative change taking place across the UK music community.