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Jon Foley

Jon Foley

Director, In the Round Ltd

Jon has worked in transport planning and delivery for over 25 years. Since he and his business partner founded In the Round Ltd in 2012 Jon has focused almost exclusively on providing advice to mega events on ensuring the commercial success of an event through robust transport plans and operations. This includes advising on the role of PR, marketing, communications and outreach in delivering effective travel outcomes. He advisers event organisers, host cities, host venues and their external partners on ensuring the best end to end spectator travel experience whilst ensuring the business and resident community within the areas of the event are 'event ready'. He is an strong advocate of low carbon, sustainable transport solutions wherever possible.

He is currently advising organisers of the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup on a travel demand management plan for the event and, with In the Round colleagues, is supporting organisers of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on their business and community readiness programme. Previously Jon has worked on the FIFA Arab Cup 2021, FIFA Club World Cup 2021, two Rugby Union World Cups (Japan 2019 and England 2015), two Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast 2018 and Glasgow) 2014, two Pan American Games (Lima 2019 and Toronto 2015), the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019, UEFA 2020 Euros, UEFA Champions League Final 2017 and the London 2012 Olympic Games.