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Goc O'Callaghan

Goc O'Callaghan

CO-Founder and Director, ArcTanGent Festival

“I’m a strong believer that experience is an incredibly important part of life, something that should be integrated from the beginning, not added towards the end. By entrenching experience into the early planning stages of events and immersive worlds, the opportunity to increase attention to detail improves, resulting in more coherent design for experience enhancement and ultimately offering life-changing and memory-creating experiences for all involved. Experience has to be at the core in order to harness authenticity and create magic.”

Goc O’Callaghan has found it her life calling to produce awe-inspiring events and experiences. With a deep-seated passion for the events industry and a life-long ambition to create memories for millions of people, Goc has sculpted her career by entrenching herself in key aspects of the event production world.

Goc is the co-founder and director of ArcTanGent festival, an award-winning 10,000 capacity independent music festival. Goc O’Callaghan is an experience analyst, providing individuals and companies with strategic planning and implementation for a wide range of events. Goc has won awards for the events she has delivered and been tipped as a ‘mover and shaker’ in the events world. Regularly speaking at events, Goc has an in-depth knowledge events and the experience economy, with appearances and consultancy work taking place all over the world. In November 2019, Goc delivered a TEDx Talk on “Event Concept Design for Memory Creation: The Power of Participation.”

Goc combines her breadth of knowledge, global industry network and academic studies, to push boundaries to enhance consumer experience in seamlessly produced events and immersive worlds.