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Anna MacDonald

Anna MacDonald

Happy Maki

Anna now aged 35 started Happy Maki in 2014 out of a love of the oceans and a sadness around what the sushi industry was doing to fish stocks. Happy Maki started making fish free sushi burritos at small events and then it became fully vegan and focused on music festivals. One van turned into two catering at up to 20 festivals one summer and then in 2017 Happy Maki opened its first takeaway store in Brighton and in 20201 its first restaurant. Before starting Happy Maki Anna studied and had interest in Public health and the environment and had spent a lot of time playing sport, travelling and working abroad. Anna's focus with Happy Maki is now on ethical business, what does that mean and what does it look like and how can it bring about social change. This has included a 2 year experiment with Gift Economy where customers choose how much to pay for their order. Anna is passionate about changing the way we do business, basing decisions and designs around the foundations of Love and Truth or "transparency" and "kindness" with a goal to addressing underlying causal issues and showcasing a better way to do business.