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Andrew McNicholls

Andrew McNicholls

City Event Manager, Culture Liverpool

Andy and the team in Liverpool take responsibility and undertake all aspects of the planning and implementation of large scale events – indoors and outdoors – across a variety of environments including heritage sites, parkland, maritime and urban areas. The city continues to stage a strong programme of major events and is using events to spearhead the continuing regeneration of the city and to realise its vision to be recognised as a confident, competitive international city that welcomes visitors, students and businesses whilst providing a place where people want to live, invest, study, work and indeed play!

Key events and projects Culture Liverpool include:
Liverpool International Music Festival (National Outdoor Events Association – Best Festival 2017)
‘3 Queens’ – Cunard’s 175th Anniversary (UK Large Tourism Event of the Year 2015)
Sea Odyssey, Memories of August 1914, Liverpool Dream – Giant Spectaculars 2012 - 2018
Mathew Street Music Festival, Liverpool Sound, Capital of Culture Opening Ceremony: “The People’s Opening”
Liverpool’s 800th Birthday Fireworks, Liverpool Transition, Tour of Britain Cycle Race, The Tall Ships’ Race
International Mersey River Festival, Red Bull Drift shifters, Cardboard Castles, Sgt Pepper Anniversary
Bordeaux Wine Festival, . . . And football parades, although unwillingly for some
Event Management, Health & Safety, Licensing, Procurement & Contract Management, Feasibility Studies
Calculating Capacities, Crowd Management and Dynamics, Emergency Evacuation and Contingency Strategies
Security and Steward Management, Traffic and Transport Management,
And occasional public speaking - although subtitles may be required