The most difficult thing when choosing suppliers is seeing, testing, using, and experiencing the them as if they were at your event.

There are always questions that need answering; What does it look like? How does it work? How does it sound? Does it fit? And most importantly – does it meet your event needs?

These questions can now all be answered at Festival Live, located within this years’ Event Production Show, which takes place on 25th and 26th February withing London’s Excel centre. We have literally built a working festival, featuring all elements needed, within the exhibition.


Marble Music (

Marble Music will be demonstrating their stage by showcasing their acts from Marble Music.

Marble LDN houses London’s most innovative, emerging, design-led talent, to deliver live experiences without borders.

Working with the Marble LDN team gives you access to a broad spectrum of production, planning, project management and technical skills all within four walls. This gives you far more creative scope, attention and time to realise your vision and focus on the end result.

Stage Bus (


Stage bus-solar powered mobile stages built into vehicles

The Stage Bus is an event production company based in Birmingham, who provide innovative solar powered mobile stages across the UK. Our quirky, vehicle-based stages are powered by the sun and their onboard batteries means they can power events day and night. With full sound and lighting facilities included, the reduced set-up times for our stages also make them some of the most cost-effective solutions available.


Pop up pubs (

Pop up pubs

These popup pubs look and feel just like a real building, however they are based around shipping containers, and arrive direct to your location on the back of two lorries - one with a HIAB crane.

The Rose & Crown is made from three shipping containers with an upstairs room accessible via the roof deck, whilst the Red Lion is a more compact two-container build featuring a roof deck and reconfigurable bar serving area.

Cambridge Event Bars (

Cambridge Event Bars Ltd was born in 2014 to cater for the increasing demand for private and large public events u0026amp; festival bars. With nearly 10 years’ experience working in the licensed trade, our team not only provides a 1st class bar service, but also designs and makes all of our bars in house – offering each client a truly bespoke service.

Lucky Pineapple-Novelty bars (

Hire of A Lucky Pineapple bar structure - event centrepieces and decorative props in their own right - great for memorable moments & photo opportunities.

Create a menu of boozy delights including cocktails, fizz & softs. Beer, wine, spirit/mixer & frozen cocktail slushy can also be served upon request.

An end-to-end service experience, flexible to your needs or event running

On site Accommodation

Airstream Facilities (

The best accommodation and production trailers for hire, Airstream Facilities supply custom fitted production trailers and luxury accommodation units to the Event, Film and TV industries.

Temporary Structures

Quick Space (

QuickSpace Boxer 8m x 6m Estrel 1

QuickSpace offers surprising (inflatable) domes and room in room structures suitable for many purposes.

Guaranteed attention of your audience, optimal acoustics and sound proofing, unique design and easy and quick installation are a few reasons why the use of our inflatable domes and room in room structures has become a popular choice when it comes to temporary spaces at events, fairs and conferences.

Roder (

Tailored solutions for the fields of sport, events, industry and trade, public services and construction (and more) Roder has made a name for itself throughout the entire world. Its range includes individual solutions for all conceivable uses: extravagant event tents lend events of all types comfort, style and atmosphere; mobile hall systems combine productivity with cost-efficiency; special tents for youth, aid and governmental organisations offer a high degree of safety and mobility.


Evolv Technology (

 Express System Back 3 Quarter V4 Evolv Technology With People V2

Evolv Technology started as a small team with a clear mission: return confidence and peace of mind to people visiting public spaces by changing the paradigm of how security professionals can assure venues are safe from the most serious threats without compromising visitor experience.  We’ve accomplished this by fusing the latest sensor and AI technology to consistently and reliably scan every visitor without the hassle and the gaps presented by century-old metal detector technology.


The Box that Rox: Mobile Karaoke unit (

Box that rox

The Box That Rox is a karaoke and video live room that pops up all over the UK to help clients by providing fantastic entertainment at corporate events, racecourses, weddings, festivals, parties and Christmas events. 

Lighting Towers


Illumin8 (

The UK’s newest fleet of lighting towers with the latest technologies – maximising safety, good value, uptime and efficiency while minimising costs, pollutants and CO2 emissions. We have a great team on board with over 40 years’ experience within our product and market sectors. We all feel very passionately about our field and strive to deliver the best service possible.

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