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We are delighted to announce the full line up of SaFest – the event safety conference – taking place at Event Production Show (EPS) on 26th and 27th February. 

Duncan Siegle, Event Director, said “SaFest was first launched at The Festival and Outdoor Event Show and was such a success that we decided to make it a regular feature of our industry shows. Event safety and security, not just for attendees but also for contractors, is right at the top of the agenda. With so many new and growing events, with new features, event safety is of paramount importance for everyone involved. SaFest gives our line up of expert trainers the opportunity to deliver their messages to a large scale audience in their constant drive to keep events safe and secure.”

The conference is curated and run by S.T.O.R.M 4 EVENTS, led by Steve Blake, an organisation dedicated to ensuring events are safe and secure. They have curated a line up of expert industry trainers on different aspects of event safety including hostile recon, emergency planning, rigging, noise at work, power and staging. 

The sessions will be delivered by expert trainers including Roger Barrett, James Eade, Chris Higgs, and Michael Anderson. The conference is also supported by UKCMA, an organisation dedicated to providing crowd management and event security services.

You can view the full line up here

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