The Rig

Stand: B36E
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The Rig

Create a unique visitor experience at your event with The Rig!

The Rig is an interactive installation comprising of 10 structures.... a musical playground for all the family. Built from up-cycled objects turned into instruments and sound experiments, kids can really get creative with music.

Fully accessible for wheelchair users and children with disabilities, The Rig is able to be enjoyed regardless of ability or physical restraints.

Ever used a suitcase bass drum or magic oven tray headphones? No? 

Then come have a go!


347 Lyham Road
United Kingdom



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  • More Rigs!

    31 Jan 2022
    From pixie Rigs to Broom Stomps, you won't be able to help but join in!  
  • The Rigs continued

    31 Jan 2022
    So many fun things to do... where to start? Hand drumming on the old tin bath, or talking through the tin can telephones?
  • With ten Rigs to chose from (or have them all!) there is something for everyone to get involved. From suitcase bass drums and metal teapots to tin can telephones and water gongs, you won't have ever s ...
  • Team Rig

    31 Jan 2022
    Team Rig are the people who support play with The Rig. They help participants interact and get the most out of their time in our zone and also set up rhythmic 'jams' for people to join. Basically they ...
  • The Rig in action!

    31 Jan 2022 Amy Kelly
    This video shows The Rig in action so you can see how it is set up and what it looks like with lots of people having fun! Watch this if you are unsure how The Rig looks or how people interact with it. ...
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