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Dynamic Fireworks

Stand: H51E
  • Fireworks spectaculars / Special Effects
Dynamic Fireworks

Dynamic Fireworks stands out as one of the premier professional fireworks display companies in the UK, boasting 25 years of expertise in crafting exceptional pyrotechnic experiences.

Our stellar track record speaks volumes, with a history of success in delivering top-tier displays for charity fundraisers, corporate events, and product launches. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach that not only meets but exceeds our clients' high expectations.

Our reputation is built on unmatched service standards and industry expertise, gained through collaboration with leaders in the field.

Choose Dynamic Fireworks for a visually stunning, precisely controlled spectacle.


Unit 18 Peartree Business Centre
Peartree Road
United Kingdom


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  • Fireworks offer a poignant and celebratory way to scatter loved one’s ashes, transforming the act into a breathtaking display that honours their memory. The explosive beauty of fireworks mirrors the v ...
  • Elevate the romance of your wedding with an enchanting fireworks displays that turn moments into memories. Let us turn the night sky into a canvas, with bursts of colour and light choreographed for a ...
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics add a dynamic visual dimension to TV and music productions, transforming performances into immersive spectacles. Whether enhancing the climactic moments of live concerts or ...
  • Fireworks displays captivate and enchant, transforming the night into a canvas of vibrant colours and explosive artistry. Whether illuminating the sky during celebratory events such as Royal Weddings ...
  • Elevate your corporate and launch events to new heights with captivating fireworks and pyrotechnics displays. Ignite excitement and leave a lasting impression on your attendees as the night sky dazzle ...
  • Fireworks displays and pyrotechnics have become integral to enhancing the spectacle of sporting and live events, captivating audiences with a burst of dazzling colours and rhythmic explosions. These v ...
  • Established in 1994 by Nigel and Bob Claydon, Dynamic Fireworks traces its roots from a history of selling fireworks to becoming firework wholesalers before evolving into the leading and highly respec ...
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