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RDS Fencing

Highway Care Stand: F20E
  • RDS Fencing
  • RDS Fencing
RDS Fencing RDS Fencing

Crash tested to stop 2500kg and 7500kg vehicles. This crash rated fence system offers a combination of high security temporary fencing with a hostile vehicle mitigation performance, all within the same fence line.

Also available in heights of 3m and designed to incorporate vehicle and pedestrian access. Additional pedestrian access portals with PAS 68 rating. 

With no requirement for either foundations or fixings, it is a completely free standing system,  so its installation is quick and simple.


  • Exceptional crash performance with 2500kg pickup and 7500kg truck
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Single Line fence system
  • Small Footprint
  • Easily connected to other systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Available for rental or purchase outright
  • Can be combined with portals and vehicle access gates
  • Fence height up to 3m available
  • Available as free-standing fence only (non-HVM)
  • Requires no foundations or ground pinning

Standards, Testing & Performance

  • BSI PAS 68 Tested
  • RDS 2500
  • V2500(N1G)/48/90:4.7/0.0
  • RDS 7500
  • V7500(N2)/48/90:11.6/0.0