Exhibitor News

05 Jan 2022

The Stage Bus/Wagamama Collab

The Stage Bus Stand: TS02
The Stage Bus/Wagamama Collab
Custom built branded DJ booth and scaffolding structure
Fast turnaround custom built event props by The Stage Bus

The Stage Bus doesn’t just do stages – at their Birmingham base, they’re capable of manufacturing and producing almost anything your event may need. A team of problem solvers first and foremost, The Stage Bus crew can bring their production skills to bear to create custom builds of all kinds, entirely in-house, working around the clock to meet tight deadlines and ensure that their clients are provided for. With their end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, The Stage Bus can not only create almost anything you can think of, but they also enable you to source everything from one place, instead of having to worry about getting different things from different suppliers, saving you time and hassle when planning your events.

The Stage Bus demonstrated their manufacturing ability with a collaboration with Wagamama, producing a host of custom-built event props that toured students’ unions around the country to get students talking about the Wagamama brand. Working to an incredibly tight deadline, the Stage Bus team were able to build a custom DJ booth with a built-in lightbox, a custom cooking-station with an LED trim, a custom scaffolding branding rig, and a number of standalone lightboxes.