Event Production Show 2022


Sustainable Signage: What, Why and How!

08 Mar 2022
The Event Foundry

Previously it was difficult to create outdoor displays and signage sustainably, as the water resistance for all weather use, strength and quality did not exist. The advent of newly developed materials means you can now choose like for like products with no compromise on quality, that are plastic free, sustainable and suitable for kerbside recycling.

We will highlight different sustainable options, from temporary to reusable and permanent, which will help you reduce landfill and carbon footprint and offer a circular economy story.

We will also reveal some of the myths and greenwashing around plastic signage to help you make more informed choices!

Even a small change is better than doing nothing, and zero waste, circular economy events are a real possibility, you just need to know how!

Ella Heather, Company Director - The Sustainable Signage Co