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Access All Areas Stage 


Brought to you by Access All Areas, editor Christopher Barret and a stella line-up of key event industry speakers will take part in a series of panel discussions looking at the many challenges and opportunities facing the sector at this remarkable time.

During the two days of EPS, they will tackle subjects such as event sustainability, hybrid events, challenges facing grassroots festivals, how best to build loyalty, and navigating branding and sponsorship. Meanwhile, a dedicated panel will recognise some of the biggest events that have taken place in 2020 against the odds, with intrepid event organisers discussing how they managed to stage shows under the Government’s Covid-19 event guidelines.

Access All Areas

Stage chaired by Editor Chris Barrett

 Chris Barrett


JUST ANNOUNCED: Melvin Benn, Managing Director, Festival Republic

•    Phil Bowdery, Live Nation Executive President of International Touring 
•    Jim King, AEG Presents, CEO of European Festivals 
•    Stuart Galbraith, CEO, Kilimanjaro
•    Chris Johnson, Co-Founder, Shambala Festival 
•    Ben Robinson, Founder, Kendal Calling & Bluedot 
•    Mair Morel, Head of Theatre, Boomtown Festival 
•    Debs Shilling, Co-Founder Black Deer Festival
•    Dr Roxy Robinson, Creative Director, Kendal Calling & Bluedot 
•    Jon Drape, Director, Engine No.4 
•    Nick Morgan, CEO, We Are the Fair
•    Steve Davis, Founder and MD, SSD Concerts 
•    Joe Heap, Festival Director, Towersey 
•    Paul Reed, CEO, Association of Independent Festivals 
•    Steve Heap, General Secretary, Association of Festival Organisers 
•    Andrew Evans, MD, Thorough Events 
•    Ben Street Founder, Wild Fields Festival 
•    Dan Garlick, Director of Motorsports, Goodwood
•    Mark Casey, Championship Director of PGA European Tours and the Ryder Cup 
•    Anton Lockwood, Director of Live, DHP Family 
•    Nick Tearle, Director 57 Events, Greenwich Comedy Festival
•    Sarah Bird, Wild Rumpus 
•    Becky Stewart, Cambridge City Council
•    David Agnew, Soitis Consultancy, Manchester Folk Festival
•    Adam Slough, Director, Folk by the Oak, Battle Proms Concerts

SAFEST Stage part of the ‘Powered by STORM™

An education, training and discussion forum for Event Organisers, Event Professionals and Local Authorities regarding the Event Safety, Event Security, Crowd Safety and Counter terrorism sectors of the Industry with deliveries from some of the leading subject matter specialists within the Industry.

The aim of this theatre is to bring the current issues within these sectors to an open forum for learning and discussion and to signpost what needs to be undertaken to address the outcomes going forward.


SAFEST Stage - sneak preview

Day One -  26th May 2021

Sessions include:

  • Where Do We Go Now’ The Future of Event Security

Steve Blake, S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd

  • Counter Terrorism Risk Management 4 Events

Garry Jones, S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd

  • Hostile Reconnaissance and Proportionate Mitigation
  • Your Life in Their Hands’, Event Security, Counter Terrorism and Crowded Places Panel

Eric Stuart, Chair,  UK Crowd Management Association

Day Two - 27 May 2021

  • Crowd Safety Training Post Covid

Andy Hollinson, CEO, Square Metre Group

  • The Event Safety Horizon
  • Eddy Grant (University of Cumbria & Symphotec Ltd)
  • Evolutions in Evacuation

Emma Parkinson, Coventry University

  • Responsibility = The Ability to Respond (Event Crowd Safety Mitigation Options)

(Panel Discussion)

Emma Parkinson (Coventry University, Eddy Grant (University of Cumbria), Steve Blake (Vice Chair UKCMA)


Powered by Storm 

S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd would like to thank friends and Colleagues from University of Cumbria, Coventry University, UKCMA United Kingdom for their support in curating this programme that will be announced soon. 

MEI Stage


Safety and Security: what sport is doing to secure a Covid-secure future?
Key Covid-safe lessons learnt from 2020 events.
Technological innovations embraced by sports venues to ensure fan health and safety

Topics covered include: 

•   How do sports events work with Safety Advisory Groups?
•   Event Delivery: what sport is doing to enhance the fan experience?
•   What innovations is sport using to engage fans in stadium?
•   What is sport doing to enhance fan loyalty? 
•   How is sport maximising revenues without full stadia and arena?
•   How is sport maximising efficiencies and thereby reducing costs?
Via Overlay and infrastructure changes
Via technological innovation
Via event delivery efficiencies



•    Rob Walley CEO of consultants Controlled Events
•    Steve Laws, Director of TaylorBridges (Consultancy)
•    Lloyd Major (MSc) CEO & Co-Founder Halo Solutions Ltd
•    Daniel Heal, PartnerGlobal Head of Sport, Entertainment & Major Events - Control Risks 
•    Chris Burr, MD Events UK G4S
•    Charlie Hepburn, VP Identity
•    Shaun Whatling, Snr VP for World Pico, Shaun        
•    Ian Kerr, CEO Raven Controls
•    Paul Townsend, Director of Crowd Dynamics
•    Chris Gratton, COO Ticketmaster UK
•    Wyn Fanshawe, CEO and founder, Capture the Event
•    Vicha Supriyanto, Client success Manager, eCal.
•    Mike Wragg, Head of Consulting at Global Sponsorship expert Nielsen.
•    Jason Barris, CEO – Blade Rigg
•    Josh Philpot, PMY Group
•    Nathan Bailey, VP of Evolv Technology
•    Paul Musselle, CEO of digital streaming agency, Giggabox

Other theatres and stages include


A dedicated theatre on Day 1 of the show, presenting case studies specifically for Local Authorities. With councils taking an ever-increasing role in the curation of events in their areas, the specific issues associated with Local Authorities taking charge are explored here.


Major Events International (MEI) Pavilion & Theatre

MEI are specialists in providing an interface between major event organisers and the suppliers that make their events safe, efficient and an amazing fan experience, particularly in the Sports environment. Their presence in the show combines a pavilion to share supplier knowledge as well as theatre presentations throughout the second day of the show offering insight into technological innovation and sustainable solutions that will mitigate risk, minimise cost and maximise fan engagement- and therefore revenues!

   Full programme coming soon