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Crowd Safety Training Post Covid

26 May 2021
SaFest Stage
Covid 19 has been detrimental to the events industry worldwide, creating many challenges for us to address and undoubtedly many more to come. We witnessed our stadiums close to spectators during the pandemic, our festivals disappear, and music arenas close the doors. So what's happened to our colleagues who have manned these sites and venues for so long? It's fair to say that many of them have moved on, changing industries through necessity and the need to survive. So what now? Our industry is in the starting blocks, eager to start again? But do we have enough competent staff to do so safely? Crowd Safety Training Post Covid: examines an array of new Spectator Safety qualifications, available at all levels from Volunteer to Crowd Safety Manager. Further discussion will focus on the requirement to train new staff to a level that ensures they are competent to carry out their duties and the detrimental effect of failing to do so.