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Supply chain challenges - supply and demand

main stage supply chain challenges

With the impact of the pandemic having led to an estimated 25% of live events industry workers leaving the sector, how will suppliers and event operators cope with a shortage of equipment and staff in the 2022 season. Ahead of what promises to be an unprecedented year in terms of event numbers, industry experts discuss how the issue can best be tackled.

Chris Barrett, Editor - Access All Areas
Joanna Wales, Ascot - Head of Venue Operations
Nick Morgan, CEO - We Are The Fair Ltd
Sarah Hemsley-Cole, Company Director - SC Productions Ltd
Zac Fox, Group COO - Kilimanjaro Live


With the burden of responsibility placed on festival organisers where the root cause is actually a societal issue (drug use, illegal taxi ranks, touting, intoxication etc), how can event organisers work better with local authorities, officials and suppliers to minimise issues, and create more understanding from media.

Chris Barrett, Editor - Access All Areas
Chris Jammer, Head of Partnerships - S&C Productions
Lauren Down, Managing Director - End of the Road Festival
Paul Reed, CEO - Association of Independent Festivals
Yas Galletti, Director - We Are OPS & The Fair

Under the influence - societal issues of festivals' fault - creating safe spaces

main stage supply chain challenges

Counting the cost



As the industry fights to bounce back strongly this year, how can event organisers and suppliers cope with rising cost of fuel, supplies and materials? Will that be passed on to ticket buyers, are event organisers willing and able to take the hit, and how much of a rise in costs is expected? Leading industry figures discuss the challenges and potential solutions.

Chris Barrett, Editor - Access All Areas
Clare Goodchild, Ops Director - Organise Chaos
Dave Keighley, Chairman & General Manager - Production Services Association
Kevin Moore, Festival Director - Vision Nine
Laura Armstrong, Senior Project Manager - LS Events

What was predicted to be the “roaring 20s”, due to the huge number of events scheduled, has been stifled by the pandemic. Organisers of some of the UK’s premier live events discuss how the sector can bounce back from the pandemic and cope with major challenges ranging from building back customer confidence and ending personnel shortages to meeting sustainability goals.

Chris Barrett, Editor - Access All Areas
Hugh Brasher, Event Director - London Marathon Events
Michelle Dite, Wimbledon - Operations Director
Rick Stainton, Founder & Group Executive Director - Smyle
Steve Tilley, Promoter/Director - Kilimanjaro Live Ltd


Will the 20's be roaring? 

hugh brasher
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The changing face of private security sector

The Private Security sector has evolved over the last 10 years, with challenges around security resource being exacerbated by the pandemic and the introduction of Protect Duty by the Home Office in the last few months. This extremely experienced panel will be exploring current resource crisis solutions, changing market, licensing and the future of security.